Faculty Sabbaticals and Leaves

Academic development leaves allow faculty to devote concentrated time to studies, investigations, research, scholarly writing, and artistic projects. Such leaves may also be used for curriculum development and other improvements in teaching practice.


A faculty member is entitled to a sabbatical leave after six years of academic service, with review and scheduling at the department/collegiate levels and approval of the dean. Sabbatical leaves for contract faculty are awarded on the basis of service, review within the department and college, and availability of funds. 

Applicable Policies and Forms

Regents Policy: Employee Development, Education, and Training

Administrative Policy: Faculty Development Leaves

Faculty Sabbatical Form

Faculty Sabbatical Support Fund Program

The Sabbatical Support Fund provides funds to colleges/campuses to offset the costs of providing sabbaticals to faculty. Availability of these funds will generally be announced in the spring for the following year. Colleges/campuses may use these funds to replace teaching or other service of faculty on sabbatical or to supplement the salaries of faculty on sabbaticals. The college may elect to provide additional funds up to 100% of a faculty member’s base salary.