New Faculty Program

The New Faculty Program (NFP) offers multiple opportunities for tenure-track faculty, term faculty, and post docs systemwide to jump start their careers at the University. The program helps faculty build their capacities in research, teaching, community engagement, career advancement, and leadership.

Registration and Schedule

Involvement and Completion

  • Each event/program is assigned a value (NFP unit) that can be used toward receiving a letter of recognition from the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. A total of eight (8) NFP units is required to complete the program.
  • Please track your activity using a copy of this record of involvement. To look up NFP unit values for past events and programs, refer to this folder of past schedules.
  • When your involvement has reached a minimum of eight (8) NFP units, email the completed document to [email protected]. A letter of recognition will be sent to you after we review your completed record of involvement form.


Please address any questions about the program to [email protected].