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New Faculty Program


The New Faculty Program (NFP) offers multiple opportunities for tenure track and contract faculty to jumpstart their careers at the U. The program helps faculty build their capacities in research, teaching, community engagement, career advancement, and leadership.

NFP aims to build competence, community, and curiosity in the professional lives of faculty. For example, faculty will participate in workshops and seminars to expand their knowledge and skills in their multiple responsibilities at the U. Second, faculty will build connections with members of their cohort and the wider University community. Finally, we expect that NFP experiences will be a catalyst for expanding the intellectual curiosity that is characteristic of high achieving faculty.

New faculty who participate in the program are eligible to receive a letter of completion from the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. We will also notify your dean and department leadership of your participation in the program.

Registration and Schedule

Involvement and Completion

  • Each event/program is assigned a value (NFP unit) that can be used toward receiving a letter of recognition from the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs. A total of eight (8) NFP units is required to receive VPFAA recognition. 
  • For each semester of participation, please submit a record of involvement. You may document your Fall 2018 activity using this involvement form.
  • When your involvement has reached a minimum of eight (8) NFP units, you are eligible to receive a letter of recognition from the VPFAA. Submit a record of involvement within the semester of completion and select “yes, my activities total to at least eight (8) NFP units.” A letter of recognition will be sent to your office address after we review your materials when the semester concludes.

Please address any questions about the program to David Langley, Faculty and Academic Affairs, dlangley@umn.edu or 5-3343.