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Women's Faculty Cabinet

The mission of the Women’s Faculty Cabinet is to improve and enrich the academic and professional environments for women faculty at the University of Minnesota and to ensure that the University continues and strengthens its commitment to the success of its women faculty members.

The cabinet provides a forum for discussion and recommendations regarding policies and issues that affect women faculty and provides consultation and advice to the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs and Provost. The cabinet also produces programmatic activities to support women faculty members including workshops, forums, and themed lunches.
The WFC was created in fall 2006. The cabinet membership aims to represent the full range of women faculty at the University, including women at all academic ranks and in a variety of colleges and disciplines. The members are appointed for three-year terms jointly by the vice provost for faculty and academic affairs and the current members of the cabinet. Eligible faculty members include both regular faculty (tenured and tenure-track) and contract or term faculty with appointment codes of 9401, 9402, and 9403. The Women's Faculty Cabinet reports to the vice provost for faculty and academic affairs. The cabinet meets monthly throughout the year.


SAVE THE DATE for the annual Women’s Faculty Retreat, May 17, 2017.


Women’s Faculty Conversation Series

The Cabinet is planning a series of conversations for Spring 2017.

The first of three will be held on February 24th 12:00-1:30 at the Campus Club and will feature Karen Ho from the Department of Anthropology entitled “Finance, Precarity, and the Dismantling of Organizations”.

The second will be held on March 20th 12:00-1:30 at the Campus Club and will feature Collen Manchester of the Department of Work and Organizations (Carlson School of Management).

The third will be held on April 17th 3:00-4:30 at the Institute on the Environment (Learning & Environmental Sciences Bldg) and will feature a discussion of the book Broad Influence.

Please RSVP to the email sent to all faculty women if you plan to attend or contact the co-chairs below for more information.


Current activities we are working on this year

The Improve subcommittee is

1) continuing work on an addition to the Tenure Code to allow modified teaching duties of tenure and tenure-track faculty who bring home a baby;

2) examining the process of salary equity


Follow this link for Talking Points on the Modified Teaching Duties for recent parents proposed for the Tenure Code


The Enrich subcommittee is

1) addressing effective ways to restructure the work environment that allow all women to thrive;

2) evaluating how women reshape the culture of the work force (related to the book Broad Influence);

3) considering how we can create organizational change to enhance the climate for women at UMN.


The 2016-17 Women’s Faculty Cabinet at the first meeting of the academic year

Current Members:

Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior (2016-2017); co-chair

Pamela Skinner, Associate Professor, Vet Biomedical Science (2017-2018); co-chair

Tracy Twine, Associate Professor, Soil, Water, & Climate (2017-2018); co-chair


Elizabeth Ambrose, Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry (2016-2017)

Jerica Berge, Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health (2018-2019)

Jane Blocker, Professor, Art History (2017-2018)

Sauman Chu, Professor, Design, Housing and Apparel (2017-2018)

Amy Falink, Senior Lecturer, Work and Organizations (2018-2019)

Mary Hermes, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2016-2017)

Peg Lonnquist, Director, Women’s Center (ex officio)

Naty Lopez, Associate Professor, Dentistry (2016-2017)

Rebecca Ropers-Huilman, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (ex officio)

Maria Ruud, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing (2018-2019)

Emilie Snell-Rood, Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (2018-2019)

Laura Thomas, Clinical Professor, Law (2018-2019)

Diane Wiese-Bjornstal, Professor, School of Kinesiology (2018-2019)


Past Activities


Merra Young gives a keynote presentation to women faculty at the 2016 Women’s Faculty Retreat

The 2015-16 Women’s Faculty Cabinet, under the leadership of co-chairs Professors Brenda Ogle and Jeannine Cavender-Bares, focused on positive and proactive goals. In consultation with Provost Hanson, the academic year commenced with the addition of four new WFC members for a total of 15 members representing a variety of colleges and ranks. In July 2015, the WFC discussed the previous year’s progress and converged on two focus areas for the 2015-16 WFC agenda. These focus areas formed the basis for two sub-committees that operated throughout the 2015-16 year: (1) improve culture (salary, diversity, parental leave) and (2) enrich culture (mentoring, programming, visibility). Below, you will find a brief summary of selected accomplishments.

  1. The Cabinet advocated for and helped to advance the University’s Modified Teaching Duties for New Parents procedure (part of the Faculty Tenure Code). Implementation of this procedure is pending resolution of the Status Quo Order.
  2. The Cabinet organized a series of Networking Lunches at which women faculty from diverse departments and colleges ate together and discussed entertaining and informative books related to faculty experience.
  3. The Cabinet organized its third annual retreat on the theme of “Well-Being in Academia: Cultivating Life Balance” that took place May 17, 2016 in the Cargill Building on the Saint Paul campus. Keynote Speakers: Merra Young, Center for Spirituality and Healing  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2OH-9H3vxc; Professor Theresa Glomb, Carlson School of Management  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-B6NZHdk5E
  4. In addition, the Cabinet maintains a Facebook page to share information related to WFC activities and from other sources relevant to faculty women. The Cabinet also connected during the academic year with the Student Parent support group and provided expertise for a panel of faculty parents.



Jeannine Cavender-Bares

Associate Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior




Pamela Skinner

Associate Professor of Vet Biomedical Science




Tracy Twine

Associate Professor of Soil, Water, and Climate




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