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New Faculty Development Program


The New Faculty Development Program (NFDP) offers new full-time faculty in their first through third year an opportunity to engage in a series of seminars and workshops focused on jumpstarting their faculty careers at the University of Minnesota. Customize your professional development through a combination of (1) attending topic-based sessions on research, teaching, and service from a range of units—Sponsored Projects Administration, Center for Educational Innovation, Center for Writing, Provost’s Office for Faculty and Academic Affairs; and (2) setting up individualized consultations with Center for Educational Innovation staff to address your specific research, teaching and service needs. 

Requirements & Recognition

New faculty who participate in six sessions/consultations over a two-year period will receive a certificate from the Provost’s Office. Additionally, participants’ Deans and Chairs will receive a letter noting your participation in the New Faculty Development Professional Program.

Customizing Your Plan

In selecting six sessions/consultations, participants will select from this suite of options:
• Single session workshops offered by the Center for Educational Innovation, the Center for Writing, and/or the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.
• Multi-session conferences such as the Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus Conference (September 2016), the Academy of Distinguished Teachers' May 2017 conference, and other system- or campus-wide conferences such as these may be announced during the year.
• Individualized, confidential consultations with Center for Educational Innovation staff members to focus on teaching and learning topics of your choice.
• Other campus units occasionally offer research- and teaching-related workshops that will interest individual faculty. Examples include: Sponsored Projects Administration, Office for Public Engagement, IDEA/Institute for Diversity, Equity and Advocacy (the faculty focused unit within the Office for Equity and Diversity). If you attend these workshops, let us know in the registration link below.

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